Friday, February 25, 2011


I have written on the topic of Christianity and faith before, and have commented on Christian churches in the past. Today we are faced with some critical things before our eyes.

Yes, for the first time in forever, I watched Glenn Beck's program today. I usually change the channel when Beck comes on, if I even have the news on at all. I get most of my news from the internet and rely little on the television. Today, however, Beck had some very interesting guests on his program. One was a Jewish Rabbi, there was a man who was disfigured from serving in Vietnam, and James Robinson, a Christian preacher and missionary, and another guy who cannot recall his name right now. So, I watched today's program. I thought it funny that I have been writing on some of the very same things that all these men were discussing on today's program, for a long time. I was also wondering what in the world took them so long to point it out on national television.

TODAY, we have Christians and churches that have their faith all watered down. They believe in being passive, which I do not. They sugar coat things for their parishoners. They don't come right out with the truth. All this stems from FEAR of making some feel uncomfortable. We are taught to love, be kind, merciful, and meek in our churches today. We are not taught to take a stand. We are no longer taught to be unwavering in our faith. WEAK leadership is among us. Our preachers are taught in seminary not to offend. So, Bible lessons that need to be heard and taught are left out of the sermons.

Churches go forward and listen to sermons of spreading the word of God, but that word in our churches of today are being heavily watered down. FEAR does not come from God. That which instills fear comes from the devil. We are taught to FEAR God, which has been taught to love and respect God. However, that it is not what the Bible means when it says that we should fear God. It means that we should have fear of His wrath for not being obedient to Him and His Word.

The Bible is our guide for and through life. We cannot believe only this part or that and then get rid of the rest of it. It is to be read and taught in its entirity. The good, bad, and ugly. All of it, not just what will not offend others. Chrsitians have become quiet. They often do not speak out on things to do with politics. They run from conversation involving other religions. They take no firm stance, often, at least not very loudly, on things like what is currently going on in America.

If you read my message posted the other day, you know that muslims are flooding into the United States. They are marching/rallying in D.C. on March 3 in attempt to push our nation's leaders into giving them sharia law right here in America. We are dwindling in society, in America. People, there is no longer a time for silence and worry of offending others. We have to speak out, stand up, and do it now. Not later. If Christians continue to remain devided over issues, and refuse to come together to fight evil, then there will be no later for us to stand and speak.

I know some are not Christians and still hold to the conservative thing. That's great, and I do not knock you. We must have many in order to continue to speak out and stand up against evil. Every American has that duty in order defend our nation, and eachother in the face of those who would want to take away our freedoms and rights. However, Christians, based on our beliefs in God, and our Savior Jesus Christ, have a duty, to ourselves and to eachother in order to speak and stand on behalf of our FAITH in God.

If Christians cannot stand now, and peacefully speak and stand, then what will happen when it comes time to choose the mark of the beast or Christ? Why wait until that time to find out if you have the will to stand and speak? We must stand now. We must speak now. The road for evil is being paved. When Christians today see crisis coming, they close the doors of the church and sing loudly enough that they cannot hear what is going on outside the doors of the church. Instead of getting involved, Christians, in majority, are not being loud enough outside the churches.

Preachers, it is shameful, that you are not speaking of what is going in America to your congregations, and speaking to them about their FAITH, and whether or not they will have the courage to stand and speak out against what is going on in America today, outside the walls of the church, and outside the walls of their homes.

Christians were not meant to be passive. Get it out of your heads now. One of God's favorite people in the whole Bible was who? David. He was a warrior, and a man of God. He was strong. God, himself, sent men into war. We are not even going to war, exactly. In one aspect it is a war and in other it is not. Right now we are talking about the ability to raise your voices to the government in unison, and together as God's family, and tell them that enough is enough. We have had enough. We have been silent, in majority, but no more. It is not time for nice. It is time for standing. If you can't stand for yourself, stand for God.

If your church is watered down, tell your preachers to change. Tell them to teach and preach in their pulpits the whole truth, and the whole Bible. Tell them to go outside their group or organization's rules and to really truly preach and teach the word of God. If a preacher will not step up to the plate and do what is necessary for the congregation he leads, VOTE HIM OUT!!! GET A NEW PREACHER!!!! We cannot sit back listen to watered down sermons, and act like a watered down people who do not care about the world they live in.

Lastly, and I know this is getting long, if you go to a church or are member of a church now coming under the title "Chrislam", because of the mingled muslim and Christian services, LEAVE YOUR CHURCH, or write to these churches even if not a member of one of them. Condemn what they are doing, do not dislike it and condone it by saying nothing.

Christians around the world are being persecuted. American Christians sit in their homes and in their churches, and in majority, act extremely passive about what is going on. Muslims are killing and murdering Christians every day, world wide. DO NOT WAIT ON THEM TO BEGIN MURDERING CHRISTIANS HERE BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We have freedom on our side. We have rights on our side. We can speak out against evil. We can speak out against religions and evils that believe in raping someone so that they do not go to heaven. I mean, we here constantly that Islam is peaceful. However, we see the contrary. Stoning someone to death because they believe differently than you is not peaceful and should not be tolerated or condoned. Raping people so that they go to hell, rather than heaven, when are killed is E V I L! NOT PEACEFUL.

Do not sit quietly, while these things happens. If Barack Hussein Obama wants to give refugees place in America, then he can collect all the Christians from those countries who are being persecuted. But, he stands with the muslims. He does not and will not stand with the Christians. So, this will not happen. We, Christians, have to speak out for all those who are dying around the world every day. We have to speak out for God and for eachother, and for ourselves.



God bless you all,
God bless America,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, I have not been writing here much in the recent weeks or months really. Yes, I had kind of abandoned the blog a while. Classes are tough and well, after all the schoolwork in the house gets done then there is always Facebook, where I am usually.

Today, however, I cannot turn away from the blog and find myself in a feeling of necessity to write, not on Facebook, but here. We are faced today with all kinds of news headliens and concerns. We know our undoing was upon us when Obama was elected in 2008. He took office in 2009, and immeidately threatened in such a cowardly fashion to declare marshall law if his stimulus package was not passed, and the bailouts were not handed out. Go check it out. You can likely find a few websites or even youtube videos on the matter. It happened. In a recap, there were many rallies throughout 2009 and 2010. At the end of 2010, the Obamacare farce was passed as well as several other really bad things like the treaty with Russia on arms.

Hilary Clinton has been to the table with the U.N. over the small arms treaty, which will prove disasterous for our 2nd Amendment rights if and when it is signed. Now, we are in 2011. Nobody has gone after Obama's legitimacy. Nobody, with the exception of Orly Taitz and Rev. James David Manning. All that is heard spewed by Fox News and others is the birth certificate situation and it is blown off. FINE!!!! Even if the American people wanted to say that Obama was born on U.S. soil, the matter is still not cleared up and Obama is still left as illegal as ever to have his behind sitting in the White House. Why? Well, two very major CONSTITUTIONAL reasons. 1. Even if born on American soil, which he was not, Obama was not ever a natural born citizen. A natural born citizen to the United States, per the Constitution of the United States, has both parents that are citizens of the United States. Obama's real father was never a citizen of the United States and never applied for citizenship. 2. Obama held dual citizenships, which per the Constitution of the United States, no president is qualified to be president if they have done this. Obama was a citizen of then British controlled Kenya, and the United States. Furthermore, Obama's mother re-married and they moved to Indonesia with Obama's Stepfather where he attended school as a citizen of Indonesia. During that time, Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenships and so Obama's U.S. citizenship would have been revoked.

I have heard all I want to hear about how this situation of illegality no longer matters. It certainly does. Obama, if Congress is pressed hard enough by the people, could be proven to be illegal and made to get out of the White House that is not owned by the government, but like the government, is owned by the American people. Out with Obama means Out with his policies and all the laws that were enacted or passed by Congress with Obama as president. Rev. James David Manning, in May of 2010, held a 10th Amendment hearing per the Constitution of the United States of America and charges of sadition were found against Columbia University and Obama himself.

If this is not enough to tick you off and make you stand, perhaps the following things will. WE MUST BE HEARD, AMERICA. IN A VOICE AND NUMBER THAT CANNOT BE OVERLOOKED AND IGNORED. WE ARE THE MAJORITY!

Michelle Obama has taken to sticking her butt up in all the expensive elite eating establishment around the country. She is obviously gaining weight everywhere, yet she wants to tell families how to eat, how to feed their children or not, and regulate food manufacturing companies into dropping sugar, salt, and other things that she and other liberals who want to babysit and control the world.

Not mad yet?

The U.S. government has been printing more money. Instead of paying their debts and fixing the budget, as always, they just print more, which decreases the value of the dollar, and raises inflation. Have you noticed the higher prices at the gas pumps and the grocery stores, and how just about everything has gone up a little so far. Trust me, more is to come.

Keep going.

American borders are open, and even Obama and the P.M. of Canada have talked and are now planning free travel of people and goods across the northern border of the U.S. That's right. Again, something you can google to find out about, but that was not very well reported by our government controlled media here in the U.S. I myself caught wind of this yesterday, February 21, 2011 and googled it and shared links on Facebook, which is where most of my links end up. The southern U.S. border has long been a problem, though not as badly as it has become since Obama's supposed farce of an election. Since floods have come across the U.S./Mexican border. Obama merely plays at mocking the American people by sending few troops to our borders, while our military, in large part, are overseas.

Oh, I forgot to mention that monies given to Haiti by the government were way out done by the charities of the people in the U.S. People here have a way of donating to others who are need. In America and abroad. Isn't that something? Who would have imagined?

All this brings me to another situation. Did you know that Mexicans were not the only ones crossing the U.S/Mexican border? No, they really were not. Turns out that yes, something most conservatives have known for a while was happening. Our southern border with Mexico was being infiltrated and crossed illegal by arabic people who are muslims. People talk about muslims like being one is their race, and it is not. Islam is their religion and their political ideology, not their race. They are arabic because they live in the arab nations.

Upward and onward to the sad part of this muslim thing. They are being aided by our government to come into the United States and have been pushing for the implementation of Sharia Law here, all over the country. Well, we in America have laws, a language (English), a Constititution, and a judicial system. Isn't that something? We have our own. We do not need their's. IF they want to live by sharia law then they need to go back to where they came from and push it in their own countries and LEAVE AMERICA ALONE!!!!

I have had several muslim friends on Facebook. I can say that after talking with quite a few and adding a few friends who have converted away from Islam, that I do not trust these people one little bit. Here's why. 1. A supposed conservative radio figure calls muslims misunderstood and says their religion is peaceful and that only America has created the monster that attacked us on 9/11/01. My question then is where was America's hand in the action during the Crusades? Did America also create the spreading of Islam to spark at that time, which in turn found muslims killing millions if they refused to convert? Well, according to the time table of the Crusades, America could not have had an involvement, and so merely creating one group or another had nothing to do with it. 2. Out of all the muslim friends that I have been able to speak with online over the last few years, none have ever sent me any information that I have requested with regard to their religion, Islam, or their sharia law. 3. Once I have talked with a muslim a few minutes, they never come back to try to talk to me again. This, after I was respectful, and nice, and merely seeking information in order to help spread their cause and reasons for peace. Obviously, much of what has been heard with regard to them not being peaceful is true. I can't get one to come back, on his/her own and discuss anything with me further. They obviously don't want to be questioned.

The Quran does state that infadels should be killed. Can I give you where it states this, no, I cannot. Nor could I likely give you but a couple of exact locations in the Holy Bible, of verses either. I am a devout Christian. I know my Bible, but have never taken to memorizing Books, Chapters, and Verses where a passage was located. Sometimes I wish I had because I would love to go back and find a few things myself sometimes.

Obama and his aministration are being tough on Israel, and working on condemning Israel through the U.N. Quite honestly, the U.N. should be told by the U.S. Government right where it can go, and the U.S. not being one of those places. Netanyahu, Israel's P.M., has been totally blown off while in America and disrespected by Obama and his regime, and yet people think that Obama is on Israel's side. Thank God, Netanyahu or one of his people, came out the other day in an article and stated that they cannot trust the U.S. So long as Obama is in office, Israel is right not to trust the U.S. Obama himself said that he would stand with the muslims. Google it and you will not only find it, but find where he also stated on 60 minutes that he is a muslim as well. All those wanting to defend Obama and call him a Christian, show me one thing that he has done that is Christian. It was not him giving the LGBT groups their own celebratory month of June in which to celebrate being homosexuals. That was not Christian. According to the Holy Bible, lying with another man or woman in that way, your same sex, is a sin. It also states that Christians are to hate the sin and love the sinner. So I do not hate homosexuals, but I do hate the sin that they commit within their chosen lifestyles.

Obama has agreed with partial birth abortions. OUTRAGED YET!!!! Likely not, if you were not already, because that is also old news too. However, what follows is not old news but fairly new news.

As we are stopped here at 2/22/2011, we have until March 4, 2011 for OUR congress to come up with a budget. If none, then the government will shut down. Surprise!!!! NO, still old news. However, on MARCH 3, 2011, MUSLIMS will ascend on the White House in demand for the implementation of SHARIA LAW all across and throughout the United States of America. Some groups intend on protesting the demonstration of muslims in Washington D.C. AMERICANS, IF YOU HAVE NOT STOOD UP YET, NOW IS THE TIME. NO MORE WAITING!!!!! NO MORE FLUFF AND THINKING IT WILL ALL JUST WORK ITSELF OUT!!!! GET INVOLVED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER NOW!!!!!

We have no time left. Obama will allow another 80,000 muslims to come into the United States as refugees. This was just reported a couple days or so ago. Once muslims are in the U.S. at a great enough number, they will call on the government to hear them and do what they want and the government will listen to them. When will muslims begin attacking people in the open in the U.S. It won't be long now. They are biding their time. They have started attacking already. They have conducted honor killings of their own children for becoming too Americanized.

A soldier on the news this morning also stated somewhat of a call to Americans, in my opinion. He stated that he had seen these people due to his service in the U.S. military. He stated that muslims hate us and want to kill us. He is confirming suspicions, of what we already knew. Muslims are not peaceful and peace seeking people. I mean, women who are put to death in the middle east are raped so that if she is a virgin, she will not go to paradise. What kind of peaceful people stop their own from going to heaven? Only those who hate!!!!!

Where does hate come from? Satan himself. The Bible says and I cannot tell you where, but I have read it, that all good things come from God Almighty. That leaves us with the knowledge that everything else comes from Satan and his influence. Obviously that speaks nothing good to Islam or to the muslims.



God bless America,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We are the majority and have spoken loudly as of November 2, 2010, we have begun to reclaim America. The lame duck session of Congress has now begun as well. What will they pass next? What will they allow to expire? We have been very busy again calling, writing, and emailing not only our representatives for our own states, but those who pose a threat throughout other states as well. We have been doing the same in support of representatives in other states who have decided to stand firm against Obama and his liberal regime.

Taking back America does not end here though. No, we must continue to push forward and fight through each election in the same way. We must push forth candidates that will take the place of Rinos and continue to weed out liberals and traitors to America in both parties.

Already, immediately after elections in 2010, we have begun on 2012. The end to liberals is America is not here yet, but well underway. We will continue to speak up, stand up, and get rid of the communists in American government. All those who believe in socialist and communist ways in America can get out too.

We are the majority and our fight will be won!!!!!!!

Keep pushing forward, America. We have taken large steps toward reclaiming our nation and ways of life, protecting our freedoms, liberties, and rights. We shall continue just as hard and steadfast in the future!!!!!



Back in May, 2010, a blogger by the name of Austin, who is an atheist, apparently read some of my blog posts and decided to attack me in his blog that was published on I think it is funny considering he obviously does not have the intelligence to be able to read plain English, understand it, and then write about it and get it right.

Such a moron should be blocked from blogging for I think I might let them know that too. Those who tell the truth will be attacked repeatedly for it. It happens. But, those of us strong in our faith and the will of God will continue to stand and continue to speak and fight against those who would like to silence us.

I will not be silenced, certainly not by freaks, and most certainly not by LIARS! I speak out and stand up on issue after issue, and have not written on my blog in a long time. I thought it less than tactful and noble of Austin to attempt to slam me through my own postings and not once post that he had written on his blog with respect to what I had written on mine. Oh well, such is the life of a coward.

Austin, I will pray for you. I will also laugh constantly at your pathetic use of blogging to attack people like me. I applaud you, for showing to many that you are a true coward, and haven't a spine just like your leader, Obama.

Do not read this with venom, because there is none here. I just think and believe truly that you are a pathetic waste of skin and am sorry you were only given one brain cell that you share with the rest of your kind. As far as what you mentioned with regard to gays, bisexuals have been proven to spread more disease, and what the Bible says with regard to gays is that being that way is a sin. Therefor, anyone believing in God and is a Christian knows that gays are not born that way. Say what you will in attack against me and my beliefs, but I know the truth and it is a shame that not only do you not know the truth, but are unable to read it, understand it, and honestly argue against it. Such is your kind, liberals.

See ya,

Monday, March 22, 2010


Where do you live? Seriously, look around you. Where is your home? A nice suburb? Apartment, house in the country, a townhouse, an aparmtment in the projects, hood, whatever you want to call it? Are you on section 8 government housing?

To those of you living in section 8 government housing, what does it look like? Seriously, forget the fresh paint and nice apartment, because some are fairly nice. What is your flooring like? What are the walls on the inside like? What are they made out of? Who do you live next to and what are they like? Do you want to move? Want to get out of that neighborhood, that housing?

I have been in several apartments in the local section 8 government housing areas. One things I noticed is that the outside is just some really plain looking brick apartments. The inside? No carpet, ceramic, white tiles, and cinder block walls. Have you ever been on the inside of a jail? The same white floors and cinder block walls. Seriously. How many white people live in your section 8 government housing apartment buildings and are your neighbors? How many are black? How many have been to jail or to prison? Do you have kids?

We are all capable of making mistakes and getting into trouble. I knock nobody who has been locked up for one thing or another, but section 8 housing complexes tend to be more dangerous than other areas. The lifestyles that surround these complexes are dangerous as well. There are some really good people, who unfortunately either believe that they can do no better, or have settled for less than they can do. Or is it that government has set it up for the people to fail?

Look at the welfare system for a moment. Many on welfare also get foodstamps and are living in section 8 housing. When someone on welfare gets a job and tries to get or make a better life, welfare help, foodstamps, and/or section 8 housing is pulled and the person is no longer eligible for government support. What? That is correct. I have worked with several people in the past that could not work more than part time, and could not earn more than 8.00 an hour, or they would lose their government welfare benefits. Which meant, that they, their kids, and anyone else would immediately have to find other housing and start paying full rent elsewhere, purchase all their own food, and pay all thier own utilities, etc.

The only thing that accomplishes is to keep people where they currently are at this point in time. It does nothing to help the poorer people to gain independence from the government and get on their feet. I would think that the government would welcome those on welfare going back to school, earning a decent income and getting out on their own; however, this is not what is happening. People remain on welfare and generations of people receive welfare and never work, even though they may be able to work. There is no inncentive for a person to make themselves better and strive for being independent. Why?

The politicians that claim to want what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted are lying to the people on welfare and section 8 housing. They want votes, and they have an agenda to accomplish and get through. By keeping the majority of black and white Americans segregated, government can scream racism and racist and many believe what they hear. Politicians, who they trust, say government run healthcare will be best, and they believe it and they want it. If there is anything that I could encourage people in the low income, section 8 housing, welfare, food stamp, and other low income/no income groups to do is to be sure that you know for a fact where your politicians stand and what their principals are and their morals.

Are you a Christian? Can you look at your politicians and know or tell that they vote in line with your Christian principals? If not, then vote against them. AS Americans, we have a duty to ourselves, our neighbors, and our country, to put in office, those who will truly see to the integration of our society. Why is section 8housing only offered for those living in the projects or in trailer parks? Why can't section 8 give X amount of money toward the purchase of a new mobile home on a small quarter acre, half acre, or acre of land? Why not pay the first year's payments while people get work and start getting on their feet? There are ways that the welfare system can work to help those who need it, but your politicians are not interested in that? Why? To keep you right where you are so that they can tell you whatever they want to and you will believe it.

Please, look around yourself, and seriously look at your situaiton. What do you think?


Besides spending tons of money in fumbling stimulus, Obama and the liberals have accomplished nothing else, until MARCH 21, 2010.

Mark March 21, 2010 as the first day of the death of Freedom in America. That is what it was. The begining of the end of the freedoms of the people of America. I can not state that enough. We are entering a time of higher slavery in America.

Why do I say higher? Because America is not free and has not been truly free for a long time. We work to pay taxes for a money hungry bunch of politicians. We pay for war for whatever reason they want to hand us. We believe it or not and it does not matter, because the majority of the politicians who live in America ignore their constituents. They work for us, the people, yet they know better than we do.

In Novembver, vote for those who you believe will stand up against tyranny. Political title does not matter, party affiliation does not matter. Talk to those who are running. E-mail them, call them, make appointments and go to their offices. Take a notebook and pen, write down important facts and issues. Let them know that you don't care about political speeches. We need action, we need conservative ideas, people who believe in upholding the constitution, and must stand by those who we feel will do what we, the American people need done.

Lindsey Graham, Republican, from South Carolina, is a turn coat and sell out. He and a Democrat are working together on the legislation for a mandatory National ID card. Ever wonder where Obama would lead America, the land of the Free and home of the Brave? Straight into a socialist state. However, the socialist state he is leading America into will bring more killing and loss of life here in our great nation. Obama is a member of the Nation of Islam. He can say he is a Christian all he wants to, but he is no Christian. Those who have supported him in government down the path to dictatorship and claim to be Christians, are not, I do not believe.
I cannot say that are not Christians, definitely. God only knows the TRUE hearts of men. Still, I do not believe that any true Christian could go along with pushing freedom out the woindow.

THE REAL BATTLE HAS BEGUN! Congress has declared war on the American people. The Senate did so back in December, when they passed their healthcare bill. The House of Representatives has declared war on the American people as well, and both with the ring bribing them to vote "YES" on the attack of the Freedoms and Liberties of the American people. I am sick of the backroom deals. I am sick of the closed door meetings. I am sick of spineless government officials who come to a closed door and who do not kick it in, and tell those on the other side that they will not be locked out of their government.

The people in America have really pulled together, in large part, and stood together against Obamacare. THank you to real Americans, who have stood up against tyranny.

To all those out there are still big Obama supporters and those especially in the black community, WAKE UP!!!!! What will it take to open your eyes to the truth behind the current American government, including Obama?

Here is the deal. The fact that they want to put the youth to work cleaning up parks, cleaning the streets and performing community services that inmates on good behavior, called trustees are supposed to be doing. REDICULOUS!!!!!! ARE YOU REALLY WILLING TO ABIDE BY OBAMA'S DICTATORSHIP OF YOUR CHILDREN PERFORMING FOR HIM, JUST BECAUSE HE IS A BLACK PRESIDENT? GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wow, everybody wants to take a pot shot at the American people and even at Senator Joe Wilson, who blurted out "You Lie" during Obama's speech in Congress on healthcare. The media outlet wants to call Joe Wilson a racist and one newspaper even had a writer who stated Joe Wilson said "You Lie" with an understood "Boy" on the end because he is white, male, has short hair, and is from the south, and all these things automatically make Joe Wilson a racist.

THE TRUTH IS: Obama and other liberals within the American government have decided constantly to attempt to make race an issue out of things because it is their only hope of rallying during the current situation where the American people are obviously against the current government getting any bigger than they already are. Most of the people I have spoken to are against healthcare with a public option, against a government run and funded co-op, are against cap & trade, against socialism, against big government spending, against government takeover of financial institutions, against a government run automobile industry, and are against organizations like ACORN, against the unconstitutional czars placed in power by appointment of Obama, and against anyone going against the constitution period.

Many things are going on in the American government today that "WE THE PEOPLE" do not agree with and will not support. The government has called us names, said we were paid, and that we are the minority. However, we are the majority, liberals always go to name calling because conservatives speak the truth and it makes liberals mad, and they are mad because Americans are not as stupid as the liberals would have us all think we are.


People in America are sick of liberal politicians and liberal media trying to scream racism whenever they get between a rock and a hard place. TRUTH IS: Our government is between a rock and a hard place now. They attack Joe Wilson and say he was for keeping the confederate flag. So, he is proud of his heritage. Let me tell you a little bit about the Confederate flag.

It is just as much a part of the heritage of black people in this country as it is part of the heritage of white people. How can this be? Well, read a little history, prior to the text book kings allowing the books to be changed and you will see what I mean. Yes, the South had slaves. What they don't want people to know now or ever though is that most slaves were kept with their families, treated very well, and given in return for their labor food, shelter, animals, land even, and other things. Slaves were treated very well for the most part. Bad eggs are, however, in every bunch and some of the people who had slaves did beat them and treat them wrong. However, the other men and women in the South would find out and locals would go to the owner of the slave and many times "kick his butt", for treating another human horribly. UNDER THE CONFEDERATE FLAG.

Many slaves were given parts of land they worked on in order to be given a house for their families. They simply worked in return for their land and by working and living on the land were given plenty of food and even money. It is wrong for slavery to exist and I agree. All men are equal and should live as equals and be treated equally. However, this is the way things were in those days.

Prior to the civil war even beginning, the South abolished slavery. Abraham Lincoln and the North did not end slavery. The South aboloshed slavery prior to the civil war. Many black men fought on the side of the South during the Civil War in order to help protect what they had helped build and to protect their families and their lands.

Those who left the South to go to North found themselves in a much worse position than they had in the South and many returned to the South because of the conditions in the North. In the North, Overseers forced black men, women, and children to work in factories and under horrible conditions. Those who were in the North and working were beaten, worked in chains like animals, and often not given food and starved for their overseers not believing they were working hard enough.

The North was brutal to the black race. Many who had left the South to go to the North came back to the South and went back to work on farms, etc. All the while, THE CONFEDERATE FLAG FLEW. You see, black people could be proud of the Confederate flag as much as anyone else because it is a symbol of the South and where we came from and for where we are now. Example: SLAVERY WAS IN THE SOUTH, SLAVERY WAS ABOLISHED IN THE SOUTH BY THE SOUTH, AND BLACK ANCESTORS STOOD NEXT TO WHITE ANCESTORS AND FOUGHT FOR THE FREEDOM AND LIBERTY OF THE SOUTH BECAUSED THEY LOVED THE SOUTH.

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the South. Black and White Americans built what is here in the South together. We should all stand under the Confederate Flag and be proud that our ancestors stood together and built such a wonderful place for us. Not to mention, be thankful for our ancestors for having manners and raising us up through generations with the expectation of keeping those manners.

We had Martin Luther King Jr., who had a dream of equality between races, where we could get along, live in peace, and help each other. One of my favorite flags from the 9/12/09 March on D.C. was one with a picture of MLK Jr. and underneath one of Obama. The sign read, "He had a dream" talking about King and "We got a nightmare" referring to Obama. What a wonderful time it would be right now were King president instead of Obama. A Christian man running the nation that people could get behind and would not try to throw the race card around because he wanted to stir problems, but a man who would work his hardest to continue keeping America free, safe, and racist free.




Thursday, August 6, 2009


Obama and his regime have now verbally attacked FREE American citizens. Obama, Pelosi and other government liars have called those of us on the Internet and in the real world who are protesting them and their lies mobsters.


Nancy Pelosi: stated that we were all a bunch of crazy, fanatical, swastika wearing, mobsters, placed and planted around the country by the Republican party. No Party owns me. I am FREE and I act as a FREE American Citizen.


I guess Obama would know since he acts like a godfather in the mafia of United States Government by telling people to turn in and report suspicious emails about health care. Turn in my message. I don't care. I believe America is sick of the twisted lies and deceit of government. Our government is corrupt.

Puppet leader Obama and his regime are determined to take away freedom in this country and turn us into a communist state. Did they really think the American people would go from free to slave just like that, without a fight? I hope not. By fight, I do not mean guns even. Speaking out against the corrupt system, if we all ban together and stand up together, is enough to get done what we need to get done.

Liberals attack everybody and everything that oppose them, especially when they are scared and know they losing a battle. It is not just the battle they should worry about, it is the political war they have waged on America that they will lose.

Black and white, Christian and non, other races and ethnic backgrounds as well. People in America are sick and tired of the threats and scare tactics of the liberal hijackers in our government. We won't stop!!!! We won't be quiet and we won't stand for anymore bullying by our leaders.

GE is in Obama's back pocket and Obama is in their back pocket. I will never buy another GE product again.
Dick Morris gave Obama a GRADE of F last nigh on Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor".
I believe Morris was the only person taking a stand on the truth of what is going on by giving this grade. Others were nice by giving Cs and Ds.

Russian subs (2 of them) were spotted 200 miles off the coast of the United States. The news stated they acted unusually, but were not acting provocative. What is our government doing to find out why they were there? Nothing.
Nazi Germany did a "Cash For Clunkers" thing too. What do you think about that?
Hitler has come back as a black man in America. Who will Obama genocide?


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FAM Free America March

Pass out the word. Stand up for Freedom in America. If we want to have our voices heard, we have to get the word out and have to go to Washington D.C. Otherwise we will be ignored to silence. Mainstream media will not tote our cause. To keep America Free and to keep us from being turned into a Socialist country with few rights, few freedoms and few liberties, we must be heard.

Nobody is listening. We must speak up, speak out, and be heard.

Make your voice heard in America. Join our cause on facebook: search for FAM Free America March. Follow us here. Or just simply send an email to

We need all Americans who love freedom to stand together for this cause and have their voices heard.

We oppose socialist healthcare/Obamacare. We do not want tax hikes and we want our government to be again "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE" of this country. We want to remain free. We want to make the decisions for family and for ourselves. We want to be heard.